Cycle Against Suicide

St Colm’s High School hosted partcipants from the ‘Cycle Against Suicide’ on Tuesday 25th April. Cycle Against Suicide was set up in 2012 to promote positive mental health and encourage help-seeking behaviour . The objective of the event was to raise awareness as to how to break the cycle of suicide in Ireland and educate people as to the alternatives to battling depression and steps that people can take to identify and cope with depression.

The 2017 cycle route incorporated various locations throughout Ireland with the aim to:

  1. Raise awareness of the prevalent issue
  2. Share the message that “its OK not to feel OK” and that  “it’s absolutely OK to ask for help”.
  3. Direct people in need to where this critical help is available locally.

St. Colm's High School made itself available as an ‘anchor school' for the 250 cyclists taking part and their 50 crew members. The school facilitated the cycle by providing lunch, changing facilities, areas for physiotherapy and counselling and of course water for the entourage. Mental Health support groups and local celebrities were present on the day to support the positive mental health presentation in the school assembly hall. During the month of April St Colm’s pupils were also involved in a range of activities to explore mental health including the causes, the risks, understanding emotional health and well-being and working together to create an emotionally health school.The event was instrumental in educating so many people about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and how it is conducive to mental health. 

St Colms High School would like to thank all the generous support from our local organisations and businesses.



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